6 Hours Driving Instruction Over 3 Two-Hour Lessons

* A Note To Students And Parents *

Although typically new students can schedule their first driving lesson within a few days after attending the classroom session, difficulty in hiring extra driving instructors this fall, as we always do to add after-school and weekend lessons, has temporarily led to delays getting on the schedule during those times.


For most new students who are not nearing eligibility for a Restricted License, specifically those who do not yet have a State Permit, or whose Permit does not expire for several months, a delay in beginning their driving lessons should not be an issue. 


For students whose Restricted License eligibility is fast approaching and therefore need to complete the course sooner, however, we are offering expedited scheduling to be sure they are ready by that time. That option is also available for students who may have other reasons for needing to schedule earlier. To make your request for Fast Tracking your driving lessons, please click HERE.

For all students, another alternative may be scheduling lessons during the school day when our driving instructors have more availability. In fact, many parents have found administrators at their school consider driving instruction an excused absence, so you may want to check with your school to see if that option is available for your student.

We will have several new instructors joining our team in the next few weeks, at which time instructor availability should be back to normal levels. 



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Covid-19 Protocol

Wearing A Mask Is Now Optional. Instructors Will Wear A Mask As Per Students Preference


You Must Complete All 3 Two-Hour Driving Lessons Within 7 Months Of Your Classroom Session To Pass The Course

State Of Kansas Regulations Mandate Driving Schools Automatically Give A Failing Grade To Any Student Not Completing Driving Instruction Within That 7 Month Period