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Schedule First Driving Lesson At Our

North Overland Park Location

7620 Metcalf Avenue, Overland Park, KS 66204

Important Things To Know Before You Get Started!

  • Be Sure You Have Chosen The Same Location Where You Took The Class

  • You Will Stay With The Same Instructor For All Three Driving Lessons

  • After Lesson #1, Your Instructor Will Give You A Link To Schedule Lesson #2

Okay! Let's Get Your First Lesson Scheduled!

  1. Click On An Instructor To See Their Calendar

  2. Click On A Date To See What Times Are Open

  3. ​Then Click On A Time To Schedule A Lesson 

Note: if you have already scheduled a First Lesson, you will be unable to do so again. Please contact your Instructor for help in scheduling your next lesson.

Scroll Down To See All Instructors
Click "Book" To See Their Full Schedules

(Schedule May Take A Few Moments To Load)

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