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Shawnee Class Schedule

435 & Midland

16627 Midland Drive

Our 8-Hour Classroom Sessions Are Scheduled Most Saturdays And Select Weekdays When School Is Not In Session

Use Our Deposit Option And Enroll For Just $100

Follow These Steps To Enroll

Step 1 - First, you will select a Classroom Session from our schedule below by choosing your preferred date and clicking the blue "Sign Up" button.

Step 2 - Once you've selected your Class, you'll be taken to the enrollment form where you will be asked to enter the student's information.

Recently our scheduling software provider removed our ability to indicate what specific information you should enter in each box of the enrollment form, so we have provided detailed instructions below that will guide you through the process and ensure you have entered the correct information in each box.

How To Fill Out The First Section Of The Enrollment Form

Acuity Form Instructions.jpg

Phone# And Email

Be Sure To Enter The
First And Last Name Here

Be Sure To Fill Out The First Section Of The Enrollment Form Exactly As Shown Here

S  A  M  P  L  E

Filling Out The State Required Information Section

Important To Know Before You Enter Your State Required Student Information

In this section you will be required to enter the students legal name and address, and the State mandates that the source of that information must come from a list of State approved documents that are accepted as proof of U.S. and Kansas residency (scroll to the bottom of the page for a complete list)

It Is Not Currently A Requirement To Bring The Required Documents To Class

Read more to learn why it's important to enter the information only from State approved documents and do it accurately We enter the student's legal name and address from this form into the Kansas State portal, from which the State-issued Drivers Ed Paper Permit that we issue at the end of our classroom session is generated, as well as all subsequent State Permits and Licenses. When students take that permit to the Drivers License Exam Station to exchange for the State Photo Permit, they will be required to present the approved documents that were used to fill out this enrollment form to compare with the students information they show in the portal. If it does not match exactly, they will not issue the permit.

State Required Student Information PIc.jpg

S  A  M  P  L  E

S  A  M  P  L  E


Exactly As Shown On
The Approved Document


Exactly As Shown On
The Approved Document

Here's Where You Start! Browse The Shawnee Class Schedule And Choose Your Class!

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