Step By Step Instructions On How To Get Your

6 Hours Of Driving Lessons On Our Schedule

Step 1 >

Click on the "Schedule Driving Lessons" button on the upper right side of the website to be taken to the page where you will Schedule your first lesson.

Schedule Driving Lessons Button.jpg


Step 2 > 

You will be required to schedule all of your Driving Lessons with the same Instructor, so scheduling your First Driving Lesson begins with browsing through our list of Instructors and finding one whose availability best fits your schedule.

FireShot Screen Capture #156 - 'Johnny R

Click On Any Instructor To See Their Schedule

Step 3 >

Once you have decided on an Instructor, simply click on the time you would like to schedule your First Lesson.


Instructor Page.jpg

Click On The Time You've Selected 

Step 4 >

Next, click "Continue >" and you'll be taken to Contact Information page.

Click Continue.jpg

Click This Button

Step 5 > 

Here you will enter the Student Name And Adult Contact Information. Be sure to enter the adult's phone and email and not the students.

Adult Contact Information Only!

Fill Out Information.jpg

Step 6 > 

It is important that you read and review our Cancellation Policy thoroughly as there are fees that may be charged for late and/or multiple cancellations. When you have familiarized yourself with the Policy, you can then check the box to accept the terms. 

Check To Accept

Cancellation Policy Acceptance.jpg

Step 7 > 

In order for your lesson to be entered into the system, you must enter the Coupon Code Word as indicated in the "Redeem Coupon" box. After entering the code word you'll click "Apply", and a check mark will appear next to the code indicating it has been accepted. 

Enter Code "FIRST"

Then Click "Apply"

Enter Coupon Code And Apply.jpg

Code Accepted

Step 8 > 

With the code accepted, you will check the box confirming the code word has been entered and redeemed. Then click "Complete Appointment" to schedule your lesson.

Check Box To Confirm

Click To Complete Scheduling

Enter Coupon Code.jpg

Step 9 > 

This Confirmation Page not only verifies that your Driving Lesson is on the schedule, but also provides a link to schedule your next lesson. Although not required, it is recommended that you schedule all of your lessons at the same time you schedule your first lesson. On

Lesson Confirmation Page.jpg