Here Is What You Need To Know About Completing Your

Drivers Education

A New Ruling From The State

When Harder went out of business and many were left without completing their driving, the State was flooded with inquires asking what students needed to do to finish the course. Initially the State ruled that, as per standing regulations, they would not allow students to finish their driving at any school other than Harder, which meant they would need to take the written and driving test at a full service State exam station, or take an entire Drivers Education course over again at another school. However, as they continued to hear from more and more parents and students, the State reversed course and made an exception to the rule, whereby IN CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES THEY ARE ALLOWING FORMER HARDER STUDENTS TO COMPLETE ONLY THE DRIVING INSTRUCTION WITH ANOTHER APPROVED SCHOOL. Here's how to find out if your student qualifies and how to get approved:

1. Apply For The "Validation Letter"

Because Harder is completely shut down, the State of Kansas is requiring you to request a letter from the Medical/Vision Unit of the Department of Revenue, who keeps records for the State, validating the completion of the written portion of the Harder Course. It is that Validation Letter that allows your teen to enroll in only the driving portion of a Driving School course, and it must be presented prior to a student enrolling. The State says you can either call or email your request, but we STRONGLY SUGGEST EMAILING them at kdor_medical.visionunit@ks.gov. If you prefer to call, the number is 785-368-8971.

2. The State Ruling On The Seven Month Requirement

Technically, Drivers Education courses last 7 months, the length of time the Driving School Instruction Permit is valid. Using that parameter, the State has ruled that ONLY THOSE HARDER STUDENTS WHO HAVE NOT PASSED THE 7 MONTH MARK SINCE RECEIVING THEIR HARDER INSTRUCTION PERMIT WILL BE APPROVED TO COMPLETE THEIR DRIVING AT ANOTHER SCHOOL. So, if your student has passed that time, you may receive a letter of rejection from the State, and your student will have to either take the written and driving test at a full service State exam station, or enroll for an entire course and attend a Classroom Session again at another school. If your student is within the 7 month time frame, you should receive an approval letter, which allows them to enroll in another school for only the driving portion. Given the short time frame since the new ruling, the Medical/Vision unit is doing a great job providing a quick turnaround, so you should receive a response shortly after submitting your request.

3. Choosing To Enroll With Us With An Approval Letter

If you receive an "Approval" letter, you may enroll your student in just the driving portion of our Course. Enrollment can be done entirely online, and you can receive a link to enroll in just the six hours of driving by sending a copy (a picture will do) to customercare@doubleteamdrivingschool.com.    Even if the student completed drives with Harder, THE STATE IS REQUIRING ANOTHER FULL SIX HOURS OF DRIVING INSTRUCTION in order to obtain a Certificate of Completion. Our standard drives are 3 two-hour sessions departing from the Double Team offices (map), and we also offer a pickup and drop-off option of 4 ninety-minute drives for a small additional charge. You will also have the option of paying for all the drives up front, or paying for each lesson as you go. Please note that paying for all of the drives at once gives you the advantage of scheduling them all at once as well, ensuring the shortest possible schedule. Due to demand and availability, scheduling drives one at a time may result in longer periods between drives. 

4. Enrolling With Double Team With A Rejection Letter

If your Harder student is past the 7 month mark, or if you receive a "Rejection" letter, you will need to enroll in our regular full Driver Education Course. We know you are anxious to finally get the driving instruction done, so have added classes, and will add more if necessary to ensure your student can attend class sooner than later. Plus, with the recent hiring of extra instructors and additions to our fleet of vehicles, there is no long wait time to drive. Click HERE for a class schedule and enrollment.


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