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Add Time To My Schedule

  • How Do I Get A Replacement Document?
    To get a copy of your Drivers Ed Permit (the one issued in class), a Certificate Of Completion, Or a Defensive Driving Certificate, just click the button below!
  • We Have A Scheduling Conflict. How Do I Switch Classes?
    Just click the button below, fill out a short form, then follow the directions to change classes!
  • 3. . Exchange Instruction Permit At Drivers License Office
    Once your teen has passed the written test and completed the Classroom portion of our course, they will receive a special Driving School Instruction Permit that can be used for practice driving with our Instructors and any adult 21 or over. However, in order to start the clock on the one-year waiting period to be eligible for the 15 Year Old Restricted License, they must exchange the Driving School Permit for a regular State issued Permit at the Drivers License Office. Possessing a Driving School Permit qualifies them to exchage Permits without having to take the written test at the Drivers License Office. Map
  • 4. Schedule Double Team Behind The Wheel Instruction
    Download this "Parent-Teen Drving Agreement" that let's you set boundaries in a collaborative, positive and upbeat manner. Download Here
  • 5. Practice, Practice, Practice!"
    Statistics prove that student drivers who accrue the most driving experience while holding an Instructional Permit are far less likely to be involved in an accident when they get their first license. Nothing can replace time behind the wheel in that regard, and we consider it just as important as what we teach in our course.
  • 6. Practice, Practice, Practice"
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  • 7. Course Completion Fulfills Drivers Ed Requirement For Restricted License
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