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Pre-Summer Rush
All School Assembly

Latest News

  • Missouri School Now Open

    • I-470 & Lakewood Blvd

    • Leads - John & Linda England

    • 24 Foot Sign On Side Of Building Facing I-470

    • No State Requirements Or Licensing Of Mo. Schools

    • Separate Entity


  • Topeka Update

    • Enrollment Steadily Increasing​


  • YTD Comparisons 2022 Vs. 2023

  • 2023 Class Schedule


  • Instructor Files

    • Each Class Date Will Have A Separate Folder 

      • Each Folder Will Have The Alphabetized Instructor Files

      • When Student Schedules With An Instructor, You Will Have Access To The Class Date For Reference

    • Instructor Files Will No Longer Contain DD Cert​

    • Files Will Contain A Second CoC That Must Be Signed When Student Completes Course

    • Each File Will Have An "Admin Sticker" With A Checkbox List Indicating File Is Issued Complete

    • Each File Will Have A Sticker With A Checkbox List Instructor Must Fill Out Before Turning In As Finished Indicating File Is Complete

  • Pre-Drive Briefing​​

    • If Possible, Briefing Should Be Conducted With Parent Present. Parents Will Be Encouraged To Participate Via Lesson Confirmation Email And Reminder Email

  • First Meeting

    • Should Be No Longer Than 10 Minutes​

  • Breaks During Lessons

    • ​When Scheduling The First Lesson, Parents Will Be Informed That The Instructor, At Their Discretion, May Take A 5-10 Minute Break During Lessons​

  • Individual Driver Scheduling Sheets

    • Giving Parents Tools​

  • Cancellations

    • No-Show Or Less Than 18 Hours Full Pay

    • 48-18 Hours $30, Full Pay If Filled

Scheduling First Drive

Student/Parent Relations

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